Assessment Criteria:

This is the assessment criteria for all new grant requests. It is not necessarily reflective of past grants The Hulston Family Foundation has made, or of organizations with whom we have had an ongoing relationship. We will not review requests that do not meet the following criteria.

  1. We only accept new grant requests from community-based organizations whose efforts are focused in West Central and Southwest Missouri. Priority will be given to Jackson County (Kansas City metro) and Greene County (Springfield metro)
  2. We only make grants to organizations with a history of effectiveness and good management, and a sound and transparent financial condition.
  3. Only those projects or programs that are consistent with our identified areas of interest will be considered. You can find our areas of interest on the “Who We Are” page of this website.
  4. You must have well-defined plans and clear goals that have the potential to make a measurable impact on the community.
  5. We do not accept grant requests for capital campaigns from organizations with whom we have not had an ongoing relationship.
  6. We will fund operational expenses, and new projects.
  7. We do not make first-time grants for more than $25,000, nor do we make grants for an amount that is more than 10% of an organizations operating budget.
  8. You must be registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Applying for a Grant:

  1. We will only accept Letters of Inquiry and Grant Proposals that are submitted online. We cannot accommodate grant requests that arrive in the mail.
  2. You can apply online through this website. Click on the homepage where it says “Apply”. The application process begins with submitting the Letter of Inquiry form.
  3. Letters of Inquiry may be submitted any time, but Grant Proposals are by invitation only.
  4. We attempt to respond to LOIs within 30 days. If we deny your request to submit a proposal, but you still believe that you meet our funding criteria, you may resubmit an LOI after a 12 month interim has passed.
  5. If we approve your LOI and request a full proposal, this may or may not include a site visit by a Hulston Family Foundation representative. Such indication of interest should not be considered a commitment to fund.
  6. Funding decisions are made bi-annually by the board of trustees, in July and December. The deadline for submitting a completed proposal for mid-year funding is June 1st. The deadline for end-of-year funding, its October 1st.
  7. You will be notified in writing of denial or approval of funding within 2 weeks of board decision.
  8. If your request is denied, we will make every attempt to clarify our position and provide helpful feedback, but the decision will be final. You may reapply after 12 months has passed.

Grant Follow Up:

  1. Project grants will be evaluated by their measurable impact on the community. This will be a primary factor in considering ongoing or additional project funding.
  2. Transparent financial management of the grant is expected, and the Foundation requires organizations to report any grant funds not expended for the expressed purpose of the grant.
  3. We generally do not fund projects for more than two consecutive years, unless prior agreement has been made. We may consider refunding after a 1 year interim has passed.