Stabilizing and Reuniting Families Through a
Supportive Housing Program

“Our partnership with Hulston Family Foundation is integral to the care we provide the 150 women and children at Amethyst Place each year. This financial support helps us deliver the comprehensive, long-term programming that sets families in early recovery on the path to lifelong success. It requires significant investment to overcome generational poverty and substance use — and Hulston Family Foundation provides the essential funds to help Amethyst Place families realize these achievements.” –

Sarah Knopf-Amelung, Director of Resource and Program Development

Celebrating 23+ years of service, the Amethyst Place supports women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction by providing them and their children with safe housing and individualized services to promote healthy families.

The Hulston Family Foundation’s grants have helped fund the Supportive Housing program, which is essential to stabilizing and reunifying families so they can heal from trauma and achieve their educational and vocational goals.

This Supporting Housing program assists mothers in their journey of learning to maintain a sober lifestyle, enhancing employment readiness and improving upon parenting skills. From rent and utilities to house furnishings and more, the Hulston Family Foundation has helped fund this vital program cultivated by the Amethyst Place in the heart of Kansas City, MO.

This Supporting Housing program has allowed the Amethyst Place to be able to reunify moms with 94% of children who were initially placed in the foster care system. With 82% of moms sustaining recovery once completing the Supporting Housing program, the grant donated by the Hulston Family Foundation has successfully supported the Amethyst Place’s mission of supporting and reconnecting families.