Assisting Seniors with Lifelong Learning Opportunities

“Receiving operational funds for a nonprofit is always the most highly valued and appreciated support possible. This year, with the COVID pandemic, so many funders have pooled money together to provide restricted funds for COVID expenses, it is even more impactful to receive unrestricted funds that allow us to keep our staff paid and the lights on so that we CAN provide the critical and essential services on which vulnerable seniors in Kansas City rely. The negative impact on funding during this health crisis doesn’t end with philanthropic funding. Due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus, so many of our donors are unemployed that our individual donations are significantly lower. Without the blessing of this grant, we would be forced to make even MORE difficult budgetary decisions. We are just plain grateful to Hulston Family Foundation for their ongoing support, this year more than ever.”

Janet Baker, Executive Director

With a philosophy of for seniors by seniors, the KC Shepherd’s Center has been helping Kansas City age well for nearly 50 years. This center provides older adults with the programs, leadership and advocacy they need to continue living happy, healthy and engaged lives.

In 2019, the KC Shepherd’s Center received a grant from the Hulston Family Foundation that went directly towards their Medicare Assistance and Adventures in Learning programs.

Their Medical Assistance program helps individuals and families understand how to navigate the Medicare system and secure supplemental insurance to meet their changing healthcare needs. Adventures in Learning is a lifelong learning program for adults who want to continue growing, engage in the community, and make new friends. With the funds gifted by the Hulston Family Foundation, both of these programs have continued to prosper and create lifelong opportunities for seniors in need. COVID-19 testing has also been provided to seniors by this organization with the help of our grant.

So far, there has been 3,635 older adults participate in programs hosted by the KC Shepherd’s Center. With the help of their senior-appointed board, hundreds of volunteers and grants from organizations such as the Hulston Family Foundation, thousands of elders in the Kansas City area have received the care they deserve.