Conserving Missouri’s Prairies and other Native Grasslands

“The Missouri Prairie Foundation is very grateful to the Hulston Family Foundation for its generous support of our work to protect priceless prairie resources for all to enjoy.”

Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation Executive Director

For over 50 years, the Missouri Prairie Foundation has been conserving Missouri’s prairies and other native grasslands through research, management and several outreach programs.

In 2016, the Hulston Family Foundation provided grant funds that were used to purchase Snowball Hill Prairie, one of the greater Kansas City region’s last remaining original, unplowed prairies.

This 22-acre isolated prairie is home to hundreds of native plants and nearly 50 conservative species. With the purchase of Snowball Hill Prairie, the Missouri Prairie Foundation has been able to carry out reconstruction on land adjacent to the original prairie, using thousands of small plants grown from seed collected on the original site. Snowball Hill Prairie is now a prospering prairie full of non-risked species.

A total of 213 native plant species have been recorded at the original prairie at Snowball Hill Prairie, including 49 species that are prairie-dependent. Also, 5 plants and animals of conservation concern have been documented and conserved. Today, these plant and animal species are thriving as their home prairie has been successfully protected by the MPF with the support of the Hulston Family Foundation.