Minimizing Food Waste and Feeding Kansas City Families

“Getting a healthy meal on the table each night is a challenge for many parents. Too often, a lack of money and time means that family dinner is fast food or junk food. The grant from the Hulston Family Foundation allowed Pete’s Garden to provide approximately 5,000 healthy, ready-to-heat, take-home meals for food insecure families with young children. Thank you for helping more families share dinner together at home.”

Tamara Weber, Founder and Executive Director

As one of the newest food rescue organizations in the metro area, Pete’s Garden is committed to delivering wholesome meals to hungry families all while reducing food waste. They partner with local businesses to collect food donations which are then prepared into meals by chefs at local culinary schools. Once the meals are prepared, they are then distributed for families in the area to enjoy.

Pete’s Garden received a grant from the Hulston Family Foundation in order to help continue their mission. Half of this grant directly funded the creation and distribution of sponsored meals, while the other half supported general operating expenses.

Since their inception in November 2019, Pete’s Garden successfully distributed over 250,000 healthy and fresh meals to families all around Kansas City. Today, they continue their mission by recovering and distributing even more meals with the help of local donors, volunteers, sponsors and more. We’ve recovered and redirected over 110 tons of prepared proteins and sides to family dinner tables. We’ve also let 25 Kids Feeding Kids meal events where student chefs prepared nearly 10,000 meals distributed free through social service agencies serving families with children.