We make grants for projects that have the potential to make a measurable impact.

Applying for a Grant

We will only accept Letters of Inquiry and Grant Proposals that are submitted online. We will not accommodate grant requests that arrive in the mail. You can apply online through this website. Click on the homepage where it says “Apply”. The application process begins with submitting the Letter of Inquiry form.

Letters of Inquiry may be submitted any time, but Grant Proposals are by invitation only. We attempt to respond to LOIs within 30 days. If we deny your request to submit a proposal, but you still believe that you meet our funding criteria, you may resubmit an LOI after a 12 month interim has passed.

If we approve your LOI and request a full proposal, this may or may not include a site visit by a Hulston Family Foundation representative. Such indication of interest should not be considered a commitment to fund.

Funding decisions are made bi-annually by the board of trustees, in July and December. The deadline for submitting a completed proposal for mid-year funding is June 1st. The deadline for end-of-year funding, its October 1st

You will be notified in writing of denial or approval of funding within 2 weeks of board decision. If your request is denied, we will make every attempt to clarify our position and provide helpful feedback, but the decision will be final. You may reapply after 12 months has passed.